Trailer Repair

Keep your trailer fleet on the road.

As a business whose sister company provides towing services, we understand exactly how critical trailers can be to a business, as well as the need critical need for a large-scale repair facility that can handle complex repairs and maintenance tasks. Our repair facilities and trained professionals use advanced equipment and technology to diagnose and repair your trailer quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime and maximizing your productivity. By keeping your trailers in good working condition, we help to ensure worker safety, reduce the risk of accidents, and safely transport the materials they were designed to carry

Our repair services can range from simple repairs and maintenance to personal use and bumper trailers to major overhauls and replacements of parts for heavy-haul trailers. We also have the ability to reframe a truck’s length, either by lengthening or shortening. Whether it’s fixing a flat tire or replacing an entire axle, Starweld can keep your wheels turning… and we’ve done it for trailers from all 48 contiguous US states! 

Trailer Repair Capabilities

Trailer Repair

Our Trailer Repair Work

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See how we used our trailer repair services to complete a significant locking pin repair for our client.

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